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Scale your business with our product sourcing services.Better pricing, faster lead times, improved product quality

11+ Years Working in China

$90+ Million Dollars Exported

1,250+ Clients Helped

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Source Better Suppliers

We source the best supplier for you to ensure your business’s success in importing from China.

Here’s how we help:

  • Detailed sourcing to assure you buy from reputable suppliers at the best price.
  • Access to our database of trusted factories.
  • Our guarantee that your supplier meets your spec and compliance requirements.
  • Onsite factory auditing and price negotiation.
  • Accurate FOB pricing and landed costs/ profitability calculations.

Take Control of Product Quality

It is a common misconception that products imported from China are defective and subpar.

We prevent that from happening by:

  • Strict and precise sample development and testing
  • Once you are happy with your product sample, we finalise your product specs
  • We then arrange excellent samples to prevent diminished quality over time
  • Periodic quality control inspections tailored to your business requirements

Minimize Risks from Importing

To safeguard your investments in China, we:

  • Arrange with your supplier strict payment terms, production lead times, and penalty clauses
  • Organise term sheets and develop a contract with the factory compliant with Chinese legal standards
  • Secure any molding and tooling in your business’s name,  not the factory’s
  • Manage safe cross-border payments to the supplier

Shipping Worldwide from China

Our clients are based worldwide, so we understand your business may require products to be shipped to your preferred destination.

This includes:

  • Cargo Ships
  • Providing required documentation to ensure customs clearance
  • Products consolidation into one container
  • Internal trucking

Building Trust Since 2006

Our clients are direct suppliers to well-known companies across the world.

Sourcing Solutions for Every Business


Procurement Sourcing

Our product sourcing process is designed for your business to take charge of its supply chains in China. Our services include full product sourcing, quality control and assurance, global logistics solutions, and market insights to help scale your sourcing operations.

eCommerce Sourcing

Our eCommerce Sourcing service is for a business who source private label products for sale on eCommerce platforms, like Amazon. Our China sourcing agents will ensure your business gets the lowest price, minimise the rate of product defects, and arrange shipping from China to your fulfilment centre.

Product Development

Our China product development team will provide industry knowledge, supply chain transparency and will mitigate risk. Our team will also ensure, from your first idea to mass production, that your business will be partnering with qualified manufactures, that your design specifications are met, and your IP is safe guarded.

What Our Customers Say

My machine arrived in good order and I am happy with Silvelane. I would be happy to recommend them to other importers of goods from China.

Peter Brown

We used to work with a local broker here. Silverlane rate is more competitive, and they can be all-in-one logistics provider. It’s amazing.

David Martini

Forno BBQ

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